24 Mar 2013

Key to Love

Love they told me was the nature of God
Love they told me was the reason to live
Love they told me connected us all
Love they told me would move me to give

In search of love I wandered around
In quest of love I went many places
I searched in temples, ashrams and churches
I searched in the expressions of human faces

But love was elusive, difficult to find
She would show her face, then slide away
And though I would try to grasp and hold
It was not in my control to make her stay

She came on her own in the strangest of places
And engulfed me in the light of her bliss
Transforming my world just by her presence
And connecting me seamlessly with all there is

But then she would leave, I couldn't figure why
And I would tumble back to a denser state
Pleading and yearning wouldn't bring her back
So I assumed my role was to helplessly wait

Today however I learnt something new
From the connection I felt with trees
In a moment of oneness the barriers dissolved
And I found myself in love with ease

Love, I learnt is the language of the universe
Each genuine connection - an experience of love
Why wait when I can initiate connections
Now the key is with me, not somewhere above

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