23 Feb 2013

On Dissapointments

The joys and delights of my earthly life
Are enticing but packed with dissapointments
Unfulfilled expectations, shattered dreams
Broken promises and missed appointments

Disappointments and let-downs seem quite the norm
When dealing with other human beings
But there is no disappointment when I look to You
Oh source of love and all good feelings

You are the eternal, You are everlasting
Everyone else comes and goes
You are the one who can fill me up
Unconditionally from head to toes

You are the one who wont let me down
Others I can never know for sure
Who in human form can I trust
Whose promises and words are absolutely pure?

You are the ultimate companion dear God
You have never turned me away so far
You are never too busy when I call
You are always there! Indeed you are!

May my life's journey be anchored in You
May my hearts longings be directed to You
To You alone may I always turn
In whatever I think and whatever I do

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