6 Nov 2012

Just Contexts

The world is just a context
For life to unfold itself
My experiences are just contexts
For me to discover myself

My work is very interesting
I come alive when I teach
But teaching is just a context
Through which my inner knowing I reach

I love to hold my son
In a warm and loving embrace
But his eyes are just a context
To witness innocence and grace

I enjoy sporting challenges
I push and stretch my muscles
But the sport is just a context
To act out my inner tussles

I relish delicious meals
I savour the subtle flavours
But food is just a context
To appreciate creations varying colours

I experience many strong emotions
From streaming tears to ecstasy
But my feelings are just a context
To discover various ways to be

I delight in this wide plethora
Of contexts that surround me
But when I immerse myself in them
Their boundaries I no longer see

I become the context, it becomes me
I get caught in its sways
Contrasting experiences toss me around
In countless different ways

Then suddenly I remember who I am
And I can see the contexts again
I stay in them but watch from outside
As I participate willingly but without strain

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