31 Oct 2012

Bewitching Security

You're gorgeous, but I'm not afraid to let you go
I'm intoxicated, and I'm not afraid to let you know

It's been a dream to live in such a place
You fulfill me in countless different ways

My only complaint is that amidst this bliss
There is a feeling that I could lose all this

This lurking feeling I want to summon aboard
For fearful emotions I can no longer afford

I'm giving my life wings to fly up high
I'm giving her permission to explore the sky

I'm gifting her a unicorn to mount and ride
I'm gifting her colours to splash out wide

Amidst such gifts where is there space
For fear of leaving a familiar place

Even if the familiar place is like you
Beloved, cherished, and accommodating too

In the bewitching charm and comfort you lend
You hold me from maneuvering the next bend

To venture forth and see what’s ahead
I have to get out of my comfortable bed

I do it in a way each day when I rise
But to do this with life itself would be nice.

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